Yasss Peach!

You got yourself a wax!

Aftercare is an important part of your service and we have some suggestions for you to keep in mind for the next 24-48 hours to ensure your skin stays free from bacteria and infections. Each Peach has very unique skin and sometimes needs more or less TLC than what we would generally recommend.

Indulge In:

Stay Away From:

  • Loose fitting clothing and soft, breathable fabrics.

  • A gentle exfoliation the night before. This will help your wax go a whole lot smoother.

  • Anything that's going to give you a buzz. Alcohol and caffeine are a no-no. They promote blood circulation and make your wax a little more painful.

  • Sun Exposure! This includes tanning beds. Aside from the obvious UV exposure, tanning beds may also contain bacteria from other sweet peaches that may cause infections. 

  • Exercise, hot yoga or any activity that will cause excessive sweating. Can you say bacteria?

  • Bodies of water such as swimming pools, hot tubs, baths and lakes. Showers are fine if the temperature is at a reasonable level.

  • Smelly products! Perfume and scented products may irritate your freshly waxed skin.


*We can't say it enough, the transfer of bacteria can be bothersome to your skin.


Keep Those Lashes Looking Fresh!

Your new lash extensions look amazing and we 100% want to keep them that way. How you treat your lashes at home holds just as much importance as how they were applied here at Peach! For the next 24 hours you need to keep your lashes dry! Yes, that means no makeup remover or eyedrops. Put that steam room and hot yoga session on hold! We suggest that you stay on top of fills every 1-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking this full!


  • Take the time to clean the build up on your lashes & eyelids. We recommend using a lash cleanser & cotton swab before you hit your pillow for the night. Proper hygiene is important.

  • Give them a little brush in the AM and after you hop out of the shower to fluff and de-clump.

  • Put down that eyelash curler, girl!

  • Stay on top of your fills! Our body naturally sheds on average 4 natural lashes per day.


  • The urge to rub & pull at your eyes - keep your little fingers outta there! Rubbing your lashes is hard on them and result in loss of retention.

  • Oil based beauty products such as creams, mascara & makeup remover. Oils breakdown the adhesive and cause retention issues.

  • Direct heat such as blowdryers & lighters can cause your eyelashes to sizzle at the ends.

  • Eye masks and sleeping habits that put stress on your lashes while you’re snoozin’.



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