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We'd like you to know that we have implemented a few extra steps and procedures to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff. Please read below for our safety procedures and protocols as well as what is expected from all guests into our space before you join us for your appointment. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we navigate these new steps and look forward to welcoming you!
Our COVID safety procedures & protocols

-If you're feeling unwell, showing symptoms of covid, have travelled recently or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid we kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.
- Clients must be wearing their mask upon entering our space. We can provide you with a disposable mask at an extra cost.

- Clients must wash their hands immediately upon entering our space.

- Please come alone & with no extra visitors or pets. (Jess may actually perish from this rule!)
- Please stay outside, either in your vehicle or lined up near our doors until a Peach staff member has invited you inside.

- Try to limit the amount of belongings you bring into our salon. Keeping your phones in your pockets/no extra bags etc.

- As much as we love to hug you, please no physical contact between our staff and you. (We hate this one, too!)

- We're trying to avoid walk-in services. If you are able to, please call ahead of time and we accommodate your requests as best as possible.

- At this time, we are unable to offer water/coffee/tea.

- Toys & magazines are being put away for the time being.

- Credit/debit/e-transer payments are preferred.

- All clients must complete the online covid screening intake form prior to their appointment with us. This email will be sent out 6 hours before your appointment starts. 

- A self check in option is available through our Jane booking system for easy communication upon your arrival.

What we're doing:

- Pre-screening clients before they enter our space.

- Extending our cancellation policy to ensure clients have time to determine their health.

- Wearing masks during every appointment, and having our front end staff gear up.

- Adding extra time to each appointment to increase our already rigorous sanitization practices.

- Removing unnecessary items from our waiting area and waxing rooms.

- Staggering breaks & limiting physical interaction between staff members.

- Limiting retail to be handled by staff only.

- Allowing only necessary people to enter our space, ensuring we keep the traffic to a minimum.

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