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The Benefits of Waxing for Men

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

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More and More Men Are Loving the Benefits of Waxing

Times have changed: no longer are movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin making cracks at men going in for a wax.

Even the Sunday Express pointed to the uptick in popularity in men both waxing and manscaping. So why ARE more and more men be turning to waxing?

What are the benefits of waxing for men?

Increased Circulation

Yes, that’s right— a huge benefit of waxing for men is that waxing improves blood circulation to the surface level of your skin, rejuvenating your nerves by removing that ‘rough’ topmost layer of your skin.

The result? Increased overall body sensitivity—perfect for men looking for a better time in the bedroom—and a general sense of invigoration.

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The Best Exfoliation

Unlike shaving, which only removes hair, waxing for men also takes care of dead skin:

  • accumulation of dead skin can lead to roughness,

  • discolouration,

  • and scaly-ness of the skin

  • so on top of taking care of the hair waxing will also freshen and maintain your skin.

Our professionals at Peach Beauty Bar will ensure that you leave feeling fresh and smooth every time.

Goodbye, B.O!

Odour clings to hair, meaning that, even after a shower and a shave, that stubble will attract scents and perspiration.

However, waxing circumvents that by removing the hair by the follicle, making it so there is nothing for the smell to stick to.

Are you a man who, no matter how much Old Spice you use, never seems to be able to smell as fresh as you want?

Then waxing is the solution for you.

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Interested in Waxing for Men?

You should be.

Whether it be for your legs, back, chest, shoulders, neck, stomach, or brows, our men’s waxing services are versatile, quick, and, best of all, affordable.

Whether you’re a waxing veteran or a tentative newbie, if you’re a man interested in getting waxed either come by at 109-2355 Millstream Rd., Langford, B.C, or read all about our services here.

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