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3 Benefits of Hard Wax

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Why the Benefits of Hard Wax Are Kicking Soft Wax to the Curb

Hard wax vs. soft wax—the eternal debate.

While most salons use soft wax due to the price of hard wax, we at Peach Beauty Bar offer hard wax for only a $10 surcharge on all services.

So what are the benefits of hard wax? Why should you be opting in?

Less Pain, More Gain

Let’s be honest: waxing can be PAINFUL.

That jaw-locked, fists-clenched moment of anticipation before that first strip gets ripped off your skin?

No one looks forward to it. But even Tommy’s Waxing Center touts the painlessness of hard wax— unlike soft wax, which adheres itself to the skin, one of the benefits of hard wax is, once cooled, how it clings directly to the hair itself, making for a considerably more comfortable waxing experience.

On top of that, the heat of the hard wax opens up the hair follicles, making it easier to pull the hair out from the root. The result? A deep, pain-free wax every time.

Time is Money

Hard wax is also time-efficient: another benefit of hard wax is that it grabs even the shortest of hairs, eliminating the need to wax the same area more than once.

It leaves no sticky residue, making clean-up a non-issue; and, unlike soft wax, can be applied in multiple directions.

Hard wax, once hardened, shrinks around the hair, which in turn lifts the hair from the skin.

There is no paper required to be applied over top since the wax hardens into its own waxing strip.

With no pain, no fuss, no wait time, and, best of all, a shorter grow-back time, since hard wax lifts hair from the follicle, you NEED to try it at least once.

So What are You Waiting for?

Either drop in at 109-2355 Millstream Rd., Langford, B.C or pop by our website to read up on our myriad of lash and waxing services that guarantee to leave you feeling peachy.

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