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Where to Get the Best Bikini Wax in Victoria, B.C

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Where to Get the Best Bikini Wax Near You

Where is the place to get the best bikini wax in Victoria? Let’s not beat around the bush (pun intended)—Peach Beauty Bar, of course!

Why? Well, it all boils down to three core things: location, service, and our many deals.

Location, Location, Location

Hailed as a “must-see family-friendly waterfront community” by Tourism Victoria, Westshore is the ideal location due to its geographical closeness to many of the core neighbourhoods on the island.

Live in Langford? No problem; we’re right there!

Work in downtown Victoria but have booked an appointment with us?

Don’t sweat it—the drive will go by in the blink of an eye.

We have adored calling Westshore home for these past two years and have loved how our space has transformed into a fun, light-hearted space where our customers can look and feel their best.

Phone or email ahead to schedule the best bikini wax in Victoria—and feel free to try one of our many other waxing services while you’re at it, too!

Become Part of Our #PeachFam Today!

If that pesky, itchy, ingrown bikini line just never seems to be getting better, you may catch yourself thinking, while sorting through the different options the island has to offer, “Where should I go to get the best bikini wax in Victoria?”

With our eight waxing specialists, you’re not only guaranteed an amazing wax every time, but amazing service as well: after, as a team, our own personal friendship bloomed while working alongside each other in the beauty industry, our goal was to encourage our wonderful and hilarious clients to be themselves—to love themselves and to be proud of rockin’ their incredible bodies both in and outside of our clinic.

After all, who wants to be self-conscious while getting the most sensitive part of their body waxed?

Bikini waxes should leave you feeling smooth, sexy, and confident, but we at Peach Beauty Bar will make even the “during” stage an experience to write home about.

So, the next time you or someone you know opens their mouth to say, “Where in Victoria can I get the best bikini wax?” you know exactly where should spring to mind.

The Best Deals in Town

We are dedicated to treating our customers right, so it’s only fair that our prices and giveaways reflect that: with our bikini waxes going for $25 with only a $10 add-on for hard wax (and yes, you should absolutely go check out our post about why hard wax is worth raving about), our prices rank as one of the best on the island.

So, Where in Victoria is the Place to Go for the Best Bikini Wax?

You already know the answer. Give us a ring at 778-433-5595, drop us an email at, or drop in to see us in person at 109-2355 Millstream Road—we would love to chat about all things bikini wax!

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