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The Best Leg Waxing Service in Victoria

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Super-Smooth Leg Waxing

Don’t let winter trick you into thinking you don’t want super smooth legs. We know it’s easy, what with all the flannel and big socks and Christmas-themed pajama bottoms, but smooth legs are in-season all year round: which is why we at Peach Beauty Bar are here to deliver the best leg waxing service in Victoria, rain or shine.

So what makes our leg waxing services one of the best here in Victoria?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, cozy up, and get ready to dive in to just why we pride ourselves so much on our leg waxing services.

Deals Everywhere the Eye Can See

That’s right: as smooth-leg fanatics ourselves, we’ve crafted our prices to meet any price range because we understand the pain of too-expensive leg waxing (which—let’s be real—is way too common for leg waxing here in Victoria!).

With our leg waxing starting at $35 (and with men’s leg waxing starting at $40) and an array of discounted leg waxing combos that include bikini waxes, underarm waxes, Brazilian waxes, and brow waxes, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Even we have a hard time picking at the best of times.

The #PeachFam Mantra

With our eight waxing and lash specialists on-site, you can guarantee that not only will your leg waxing experience be one of the best in Victoria, but your overall experience with us will be as well.

We are self-professed to be bubbly, head-over-heels for all things beauty-related, and, above all, are absolutely in love with seeing our customers walk out happy and confident.

Whether you haven’t yet had a leg waxing service in Victoria or are a seasoned smooth-legged waxer, we guarantee that you’ll jive with us: our home base in Westshore has, for two years, been a place where our clients can laugh, bitch, receive support, and walk out feeling even smoother and more confident than when they walked in.

So, What are You Waiting For?

Fast, convenient, soothing for the skin—leg waxing is one of the best skin services you can get done for your legs, especially here in Victoria where the wind and the cold can batter them and leave them feeling flaky, itchy, and rife with ingrown hairs.

If leg waxing in Victoria sounds like just what you need, we would love for you to drop by and become part of the #peachfam!

Drop us an email at, give us a ring at 778-433-5595, or pop by in person at 109-2355 Millstream Road to book your appointment!

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