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The Best Lash Service in Victoria, B.C

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Lash Service You Can Count On

If you live in Victoria, chances are you’re looking for lash service you can count on.

But with so many options currently on the market, what makes a good lash service? Where should you be going for lash service in Victoria?

In today’s blog, we’re going to break down why Peach Beauty Bar is the best lash service fit for you.


Whether you’re a lash guru or tentative lash set newbie, our team of eight wax and lash specialists are here to guide you through every step.

In our home base in Westshore—just outside of Victoria—we pride ourselves in our space being a place where you can one-hundred-percent let loose: need advice on what lash treatment would suit you best?

We’ve got you covered with our years of experience in the beauty industry, on top of being beauty fanatics ourselves.

Want a laugh or five during the service?

Don’t we all! Working with our clients is always a blast. And, best of all, you’ll walk out that door feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to take on the world with your gorgeous new lashes.

Our lash service is one of the best in Victoria, and part of what makes that a reality is our diverse, knowledgeable, and bubbly team members.


There are so many factors to consider when thinking about where to go to get the best lash service in Victoria.

Where is closest to me?

Where do I feel comfortable going? What kind of lash service have I decided on?

What is in my price range? Well, we’ve already smoothed over those first three concerns, so let’s tackle the last one: pricing.

Tired of emptying your pockets for a good lash service here in Victoria? We completely understand your pain—we’ve felt it, too!

That’s why both our lash tints and our lash sets are some of the most reasonably priced on the island: with lash tints going for $25 and lash sets starting at $40, they simply can’t be beat!

Thicker, fuller, longer lashes can be within your reach for less than a cart of groceries with all the quality assurance you could ever want.

So, Are You Ready for the Best Lash Service in Victoria?

t rop us an email at, give us a ring at 778-433-5595, or pop by in person at 109-2355 Millstream Road to book your appointment!

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