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The Biggest Benefits of Lash Tinting

Lash Tinting Victoria BC

Why the Benefits of Lash Tinting Are Making Falsies Obsolete

Let’s face it: in today’s age, especially when it comes to makeup, anything we can do to save ourselves time is a lifesaver—particularly in regards to our lashes.

With lash tinting trending for as long as it has, what exactly makes it one of the BEST and most TIME-SAVING lash treatments?

Let’s delve into just why exactly why the benefits of lash tinting are ranking it as a fan favourite.

Beauty Bar Victoria BC

Safe, Speedy, AND Sexy

One of the biggest benefits of lash tinting is that it only takes 10-15 minutes:

  • our professionals at Peach Beauty Bar apply protective stickers around the eyelids to prevent the dye from reaching the skin of your eyelids,

  • carefully place dye on both the upper and lower lashes,

  • leave the dye to set for 5 minutes,

  • and then gently wash the excess dye away.

Since lash tinting is done with vegetable oil-based dye, it is safe, non-irritating, and leaves you with sexy, dramatic eyelashes with no makeup necessary.

Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

Lash tinting is a LIFESAVER for anyone with blonde eyelashes.

Who wants to take the time to apply mascara that will clump and smudge by noon anyway, or deal with the half-an-hour hassle of removing it every night?

The benefit of lash tinting is that it will ensure your eyelashes look flawless during those weekend jogs, laborious weekdays, and nights out—all with no maintenance required.

Lash Service Langford

Are YOU Looking For A New Lease on Lashes?

Swing by 109-2355 Millstream Rd., Langford, B.C, or read up on all of our peachy lash and wax services here to learn about why we’re the best in Westshore.

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